Models F1119, F1136

Hydraulic compression load cell up to 500 kN

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WIKA Instrumentation Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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  • Force measurement in parallel clamps
  • Apparatus engineering
  • Construction of jigs and fixtures
  • Special mechanical engineering
  • Test and measurement equipment

Special features

  • Stainless steel housing and piston
  • Flattened housing for stable measuring
  • Accuracy ±1.0 ... 1.6 % with analogue pressure gauge, accuracy ±0.5 %
    with digital pressure gauge or pressure sensor 1)
  • Operates without power supply
  • 5 years leak-proofness guarantee 2)

1) For nominal loads below 500 N the accuracy class is ± 1,6 % of F.S. for all pressure gauges.
2) Precondition for the prolonged guarantee to five years is that the hydraulic force transducer is only used within the intended using conditions.


Hydraulic force measurement is an easy way to measure and display force in various applications. The flattened housing of this compression load cell enables a stable measuring in parallel clamps.

The force measurement utilizes the hydraulic principle: The force applied to a piston generates a hydraulic pressure, which is displayed with an indicating device. The scale of the indicating device can show various units e. g. N, kN, kg, t.

The leak-proofness guarantee is prolonged to five years 2). In the unlikely event of a leakage the transducers will be repaired free of charge.

Measuring ranges
0 ... 320 N up to 0 ... 500 kN

Hydraulic compression load cell up to 500 kN
  • Hydraulic compression load cell up to 500 kN
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