Model F2233

Tension/compression force transducer

Heavy Duty up to 200.000 lbs

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Sales contact

WIKA Instrumentation Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

+66 2 3266876
+66 2 3266874


  • Testing and manufacturing
  • Automotive crash testing

Special features

  • Measuring ranges 0 … 100 lbs bis 0 ... 200,000 lbs
  • For tension and compression measurement
  • ASTM E74 calibration
  • Relative linearity error 0.03 % Fnom


This tension/compression force transducer F2233 is designed for Heavy Duty use in applications where high accuracy is required.

High force capability and exceptional accuracy makes this force transducer ideal for use in overload monitoring, quality assurance, calibration stands, and structural testing. Applications are material tests on ship shafts or crash testing in the automotive industry.

In order to avoid overloading, it is recommended to connect the force transducer electrically during installation and to monitor the measured value.

The force must be applied axial to the centre. Torsion and bending moments must be avoided.


  • Double measurement bridge
  • Metrical-type connection thread
  • Cable outlet
Tension/compression force transducer
  • Tension/compression force transducer
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